Niles Goodsite : Finding Success in the Film and Television Industry

Niles Goodsite, a veteran in the film and television industry, knows that success can take different shapes and forms, but there are a few secrets to success that the experts will tell those who want to be successful in showbiz, such as the following:

• It’s not necessary that you go to film school to become successful in the industry. While it certainly may help provide a solid foundation, the art of storytelling comes naturally to many of those in the field. In plenty of cases, it’s more a question of networking and experience rather than education, especially if you have a good demo reel to show potential employers.

• Focus on collaboration. Trying to be a one-man show, attempting to write and direct everything on your own, may not go as well as collaborating with a trusted colleague who may be more talented in areas that you aren’t. Having multiple people involved with the same project will ensure that the best possible version of your production will be manifested.

• It isn’t necessary to live in Hollywood to become successful. With so many opportunities to expose our work to the masses via social media, it’s entirely possible to become famous without ever stepping foot in a large metropolis.

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About Niles Goodsite

After working as a stage manager for several years, Niles Goodsite was given the opportunity to work with Executive Producers Walter Mosley and Laurence Fishburne as an Assistant Director. His responsibilities were overseeing set maintenance and making sure the filming of the movie coincided with the production schedule. As a first Assistant Director, Niles Goodsite had the opportunity to work on the set of the short film Blood on the Backlot and TV movie Always Outnumbered. He was also Assistant Director for episodic series such as Charmed and Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
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