Niles Goodsite : The Benefits of Going to Film School

While many people may believe that attending film school is impractical, Niles Goodsite knows that there are numerous benefits waiting for those who decide to take the plunge. While it’s true that it can be difficult to break into the business, attending film school may help graduates integrate themselves into the field more easily for the following reasons:

• Attending film school offers those aspiring to work in the industry the time and safety of having a place to both experiment and make mistakes. Taking the time to practice and collaborate while receiving guidance and feedback is an excellent way to begin deepening your craft.

• Attending film school will allow you to seek out mentors in the field who may be able to help you with your future projects. Having people that you trust who you can check in with during your productions after graduating can help you continue to grow long after you leave your studies.

• Attending film school will help you develop a professional network very early on. You may meet people in your classes that you will collaborate with for the rest of your career.

Niles Goodsite is an Emmy-award winning assistant director who has helped bring numerous films, sitcoms, and reality shows to life.

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About Niles Goodsite

After working as a stage manager for several years, Niles Goodsite was given the opportunity to work with Executive Producers Walter Mosley and Laurence Fishburne as an Assistant Director. His responsibilities were overseeing set maintenance and making sure the filming of the movie coincided with the production schedule. As a first Assistant Director, Niles Goodsite had the opportunity to work on the set of the short film Blood on the Backlot and TV movie Always Outnumbered. He was also Assistant Director for episodic series such as Charmed and Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
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