Niles Goodsite: Tips for Becoming a Film Director

Niles Goodsite is an Emmy Award-winning assistant director whose career has grown for over three decades. Niles Goodsite is a member of the Director’s Guild of America (DGA), and has contributed to several big-name movies and television shows.

Niles Goodsite

Becoming an Emmy Award recipient like Niles Goodsite doesn’t happen overnight, and you’ll need more than luck to get by. Tips like those below will help you find the path for your career:

  • Apply for the DGA Training Program. DGA members like Mr. Goodsite enjoy benefits of working with the organization and, if accepted from the rigorous application process, you could too. Once accepted in the DGA Training Program, you will be groomed to become assistant director in paid training, and you’ll make valuable connections while you do so.

Applying for the DGA training program is one of the best opportunities in the industry, according to many, and it is a positive way to break into your future profession.

  • Look to Television. Modern television is a powerhouse. It produces some of the most popular content – Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, for example – and it gives you a chance to get your name out there. Such shows are on par with the quality of movies and you will learn valuable skills in the fast-paced television set environment.

Niles Goodsite

Television is the perfect training ground, but ask what to expect before you begin – some sessions can last more than ten hours and you’ll learn more if you can prepare.

Above all, make your own films and keep your best work on a reel for demonstration purposes. If you’re serious about becoming a film director, have a sit down with a name like Niles Goodsite before you jump in. Ask questions and get an idea of what you’re up against, and make a friend while you do so.

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About Niles Goodsite

After working as a stage manager for several years, Niles Goodsite was given the opportunity to work with Executive Producers Walter Mosley and Laurence Fishburne as an Assistant Director. His responsibilities were overseeing set maintenance and making sure the filming of the movie coincided with the production schedule. As a first Assistant Director, Niles Goodsite had the opportunity to work on the set of the short film Blood on the Backlot and TV movie Always Outnumbered. He was also Assistant Director for episodic series such as Charmed and Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
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