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In his long and award-winning career in the television industry, Niles Goodsite has often taken on multiple roles in ensuring television projects were successful. While he started out as stage manager, he has picked up other skills in the technical and administrative aspects of production, and along the way been utilized as a key assistant director.

The work of the stage manager, as Niles Goodsite can attest to, is one that requires an organized worker with great work ethic. The stage manager is usually responsible for ensuring proper maintenance of the set and the movie adheres to the schedule. The stage manager sometimes acts as a link between the cast and the technical crew, which is a role that requires an even temperament to handle the many personalities that abound. Part of what makes the role exciting, says Niles Goodsite, is that there is never a dull moment, and even though there are long hours, new challenges keep the work refreshing.

Niles Goodsite

As a key assistant director, Niles Goodsite was essentially the director’s right-hand man. While the director concentrates on getting the best out of the creative process, it is often the assistant director’s role to coordinate all other activities and supervise the crew. For Niles, this role also required him to work with the main production office and provide regular updates on production. The role required excellent interpersonal skills, and Niles Goodsite is happy to have excelled at it in the projects he was involved.

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About Niles Goodsite

After working as a stage manager for several years, Niles Goodsite was given the opportunity to work with Executive Producers Walter Mosley and Laurence Fishburne as an Assistant Director. His responsibilities were overseeing set maintenance and making sure the filming of the movie coincided with the production schedule. As a first Assistant Director, Niles Goodsite had the opportunity to work on the set of the short film Blood on the Backlot and TV movie Always Outnumbered. He was also Assistant Director for episodic series such as Charmed and Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
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