Niles Goodsite: His Many Responsibilities

Niles Goodsite has had a long and award-winning career in the television industry. Niles Goodsite is an Emmy Award winner for numerous television productions, including Sesame Street, Live From Lincoln Center, One Life To Live, and The Young and the Restless.

As a Stage Manager, Niles Goodsite’s typical responsibilities have included overseeing set maintenance and making sure that the filming of the movie adhered to the production schedule. In many ways, being a Stage Manager is a “people management” job. A Stage Manager like Niles Goodsite must have the temperament and ability to get along with people in both the artistic and technical sides of a production. He or she also needs to understand what the others do. Part of the attraction of the work is that each new job will bring with it new and different challenges. But the work, Niles Goodsite says, is never glamorous, and often involves long hours and fairly boring, repetitive tasks.

Niles Goodsite

Niles Goodsite has also been a First Assistant Director. In that role he has been the right hand man for the director. He has taken responsibility for a number of important details, allowing the director to concentrate on the creative process. He has coordinated all production activity, and supervised the cast and crew. Niles Goodsite has also been in charge of other assistant directors and runners, and together they provide the key link between the director, the cast and the crew. First Assistant Directors like Niles Goodsite also act as a go-between with the production office, and provide regular progress reports about the shoot.

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About Niles Goodsite

After working as a stage manager for several years, Niles Goodsite was given the opportunity to work with Executive Producers Walter Mosley and Laurence Fishburne as an Assistant Director. His responsibilities were overseeing set maintenance and making sure the filming of the movie coincided with the production schedule. As a first Assistant Director, Niles Goodsite had the opportunity to work on the set of the short film Blood on the Backlot and TV movie Always Outnumbered. He was also Assistant Director for episodic series such as Charmed and Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
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