Niles Goodsite : Four Tips for Aspiring Film Directors

As an Emmy-winning television and film professional, Niles Goodsite has dedicated his career to Hollywood. With over thirty years’ experience in the field, he is a passionate advocate for young filmmakers and is aware that the following tips may be useful to aspiring directors who are working on their first film:

• Think long and hard about who your audience is. If you can’t easily identify who is going to want to watch your film, there’s a good chance it won’t be built to reach mass audiences.

• Have a distribution plan in mind. Knowing how to sell your product and to who is crucial. Start talking with distributors and sales agents quickly to let people know that you exist and that you’re in the process of making something incredible. Consider every interaction in the field a marketing opportunity.

• Focus on elements that will help sell your product after filming, such as the trailer and still photo shots.

• Don’t try to be a one-man show. Learning to delegate will help you feel less stressed as well as offer opportunities for creative feedback from others that can deepen the success of your film.

Niles Goodsite has led teams on a variety of films, sitcoms, specials, reality shows, commercials, and more.

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Niles Goodsite : Finding Success in the Film and Television Industry

Niles Goodsite, a veteran in the film and television industry, knows that success can take different shapes and forms, but there are a few secrets to success that the experts will tell those who want to be successful in showbiz, such as the following:

• It’s not necessary that you go to film school to become successful in the industry. While it certainly may help provide a solid foundation, the art of storytelling comes naturally to many of those in the field. In plenty of cases, it’s more a question of networking and experience rather than education, especially if you have a good demo reel to show potential employers.

• Focus on collaboration. Trying to be a one-man show, attempting to write and direct everything on your own, may not go as well as collaborating with a trusted colleague who may be more talented in areas that you aren’t. Having multiple people involved with the same project will ensure that the best possible version of your production will be manifested.

• It isn’t necessary to live in Hollywood to become successful. With so many opportunities to expose our work to the masses via social media, it’s entirely possible to become famous without ever stepping foot in a large metropolis.

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Niles Goodsite : Two Reasons Why Family Movie Nights are Important

In addition to being a celebrated film and television professional, Niles Goodsite genuinely enjoys sitting at home and experiencing movies from the other side with his loved ones. It can be difficult putting aside regular family time with a busy schedule.

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Niles Goodsite : The Benefits of Going to Film School

While many people may believe that attending film school is impractical, Niles Goodsite knows that there are numerous benefits waiting for those who decide to take the plunge. While it’s true that it can be difficult to break into the business, attending film school may help graduates integrate themselves into the field more easily for the following reasons:

• Attending film school offers those aspiring to work in the industry the time and safety of having a place to both experiment and make mistakes. Taking the time to practice and collaborate while receiving guidance and feedback is an excellent way to begin deepening your craft.

• Attending film school will allow you to seek out mentors in the field who may be able to help you with your future projects. Having people that you trust who you can check in with during your productions after graduating can help you continue to grow long after you leave your studies.

• Attending film school will help you develop a professional network very early on. You may meet people in your classes that you will collaborate with for the rest of your career.

Niles Goodsite is an Emmy-award winning assistant director who has helped bring numerous films, sitcoms, and reality shows to life.

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Niles Goodsite: Hard-Working Professional

Niles Goodsite is a hard-working professional in the television and movie industry. As a respected member of the Director’s Guild of America (DGA) and an Emmy Award recipient, Mr. Goodsite’s reputation among peers is overwhelmingly positive.

Niles Goodsite

Here you can check the presentation:

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Niles Goodsite: Tips for Becoming a Film Director

Niles Goodsite is an Emmy Award-winning assistant director whose career has grown for over three decades. Niles Goodsite is a member of the Director’s Guild of America (DGA), and has contributed to several big-name movies and television shows.

Niles Goodsite

Becoming an Emmy Award recipient like Niles Goodsite doesn’t happen overnight, and you’ll need more than luck to get by. Tips like those below will help you find the path for your career:

  • Apply for the DGA Training Program. DGA members like Mr. Goodsite enjoy benefits of working with the organization and, if accepted from the rigorous application process, you could too. Once accepted in the DGA Training Program, you will be groomed to become assistant director in paid training, and you’ll make valuable connections while you do so.

Applying for the DGA training program is one of the best opportunities in the industry, according to many, and it is a positive way to break into your future profession.

  • Look to Television. Modern television is a powerhouse. It produces some of the most popular content – Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, for example – and it gives you a chance to get your name out there. Such shows are on par with the quality of movies and you will learn valuable skills in the fast-paced television set environment.

Niles Goodsite

Television is the perfect training ground, but ask what to expect before you begin – some sessions can last more than ten hours and you’ll learn more if you can prepare.

Above all, make your own films and keep your best work on a reel for demonstration purposes. If you’re serious about becoming a film director, have a sit down with a name like Niles Goodsite before you jump in. Ask questions and get an idea of what you’re up against, and make a friend while you do so.

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Niles Goodsite: Habits for Future Film Directors

Niles Goodsite is a member of the DGA, the Director’s Guild of America, and is an Emmy Award-winning assistant director. Niles Goodsite has over thirty years and dozens of movies, shows and commercials to his name.

Niles Goodsite

Getting into the film industry is challenging. Habits like those below can help prepare you for your career, giving you the foundation that you will need to shine:

  • Watch Movies. Every would-be director watches movies, but to benefit from this habit, you must watch as a cinematographer. Learn, for example, the ways that stories are told visually and auditorily.

Turn off the sound on a movie that you admire and watch the story unfold visually. Consider how the camera is behaving to provoke certain emotions. Watch the background characters. The more you do it, the more you will learn.

For an auditory experience, watch a movie with the picture off or while wearing a blindfold. Listen to how the story unfolds. Consider the soundtrack in addition to the dialogue and work to understand each sound in the experience.

  • Learn to Speak to Actors. Learning to speak to actors does not mean trying to meet your favorite star. Instead, you can learn to speak to actors by learning to act and learning the vernacular used by professional actors.

If you take your time learning to act and speak the actor’s language, you can sidestep the most common complaint in directing: “dealing with” actors.

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